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Project: Arduino XZ dip coater

This project outlines, without going into too much detail, how to build a small XZ robot based on Arduino Uno and Firgelli miniature linear actuators. The electronics and programming skills needed are low. Mechanical skills required (to build something sturdy) are average to okay, meaning, you have to be able to make something solid ;) (Note: this is an old project, so stuff might be outdated.) What you'll need: Arduino Uno Motor shield: Velleman KA03 (kit) or VMA03 (prebuilt) Any other L298P-based shield ( source code changes needed ) LCD: 20x4 LCD03 from Robot Electronics Any other I 2 C LCD ( source code changes needed ) 12V/2A power supply and a power connector for the Arduino Either a lot of jumper wires or some pcb, pinheaders and wires Two Firgelli linear actuators (12V, linear position feedback, choose stroke and ratio to your needs): L12-P and L16-P Ball bearings, aluminium strips and screws+bolts (Update 2018: I see that Firgelli sells drawer