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Tutorial: freeDSP classic and Ubuntu 16.04

So, last week I ordered a freeDSP kit , assembled it and tried to program it on an Ubuntu machine using the freeUSBi programmer. I couldn't get this to work, so I switched from the freeUSBi programmer to an Arduino micro. Since I now finally got it to work, I'll share my experiences and what I find the easiest way to work with Linux and freeDSP. Hardware needed: A freeDSP classic board + power supply (for testing, I'm using a USB port's 5V supply) An Arduino micro Software needed: Arduino IDE (install the latest version from ) Virtualbox (install the latest version from ) Install Windows 7 inside Virtualbox Install SigmaStudio inside Windows 7 (from ) Before getting started, please read the Getting started manual created by the freeDSP people. Most of the information I got from there, with some tweaks to get it working from Ubuntu. Step 1. Create a firmware (hex) file Boot Windows 7 inside Virtualbox, start Si