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Project: Floating book shelves

I decided I wanted to make bookshelves in our living room. On one of our stranger walls. It is 1 m wide, 3 m high and after 1.5 m up it slowly starts to extend to the right, over our desk and maps. This is the result - "floating" book shelves:   What you'll need: Wooden planks (I used scaffolding planks: 18~19 cm x 250 cm, 3 cm thick) Wooden rods, 3 cm thick Dowel pins, 10 mm x 4 cm Wood glue Screws and plugs (screws should be 2 cm longer than the plugs) for wall-mounting Optional: paint (for either/both spacers, pillars and shelves) Step 1. Design As I like to make stuff as cheap as possible while still looking awesome, I started with sourcing cheap wood. Since a few years, hipsters in Amsterdam are being 'creative' with scaffolding planks ("steigerplanken"), which come in lengths up to 3 m with a fixed width of a little less than 20 cm and which are generally made of spruce ("vuren") or pine ("grenen"). This'd